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"Instagram has been a great outlet for photos but most of my videos haven’t made it further than my hard drive. ChopShop is the missing link for sharing my videos and helping me tell my story."


  1. Shoot

    Whether it's a bottomless library of footage you've hardly touched, or a new shots you plan to take with your GoPro, Hitcase or Sony ActionCam, we can create awesome action edits for you.

  2. Edit

    Our editors take your footage & music and create your adventure film in a style of your choosing.

  3. Share

    In ~48 hours our editors deliver your hand-made film in easily sharable formats for platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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Basic Package

Our editors will sort through up to 2GB's of your raw footage and create a 1 - 3 minute edit, set to music of your choice. We include a few revisions to make sure you're stoked with the final cut.



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Shoot us an email and we’ll set up a custom job for you.

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