Content that creates organic exposure

We develop strategies that place your content in the most authentic, influential channels in a market where consumers are savvy about blatant paid media

Find resilience in the ad-blocking era

ChopShop’s Earned Media Framework leverages brand, content, and media experience to fast track your company’s authentic exposure in a controlled environment. 

From ideation to execution, our team will ensure your content is discovered and engaged by your target audience in an era of savvy, ad-blocking consumers.



We kick off with a review of where your business is, where it’s going, and how earned media will contribute to that success.


We uncover the essence of your key messages, and how they can be reflected through content. What will the brand say? Who will say it? And how will they say it?


Timing matters, especially when there’s a hierarchy of messaging or time-sensitive movements in the market, so a detailed schedule will be put together to keep everyone on track.


This is where we utilize our WhetstoneROI process to create compelling content that converts, but adjusted to the nuances of earned media placement.


Once approved, the content is distributed according to the schedule through all appropriate channels


Our team will provide ongoing insights and analysis to determine the best path for growing the earned media footprint and credibility

Word on the street

Hannah Lerner,
Creative Producer, Tonal

"ChopShop quickly became a valuable resource for me when I needed fast and scrappy edits for our video needs. We had short timelines and an immense amount of assets, but ChopShop was always willing and able to get the job done."

Jill Young,
Brand Content Manager, Arc'Teryx

"ChopShop gives our athletes the opportunity to share great content with their followers with a minimal time commitment so they can focus on getting outside and after it."

Dave Butkus,
Production Manager, Outside TV

"The team at ChopShop has been incredible to work with – super fast, responsive, and they totally get it when it comes to creating compelling content that draws the viewer in."

Marco Serna,
Social Media Manager, Omegaball

"The speed from brief to pitch to delivery is incredible – deadlines are always hit, and for me that is important. They are easy to work with and they can give you creative input on your ideas and bring them to life"

Nina Harmon,
Marketing Manager, Crankworx

"There are so many stories that evolve during the production of our content that it would be impossible to tell them all in one go. Re-editing content down to small micro-edits makes sharing news, athlete content and announcements much more dynamic."

Nicole Sumber,
Digital Brand Manager,

"We had a serious backlog of content that we needed to produce to fulfill partner obligations and drive sell-through via paid social. ChopShop saved the day and exceeded expectations from a creative standpoint!"

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