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Our story starts here...

Super 8, camcorders, go-pros, cell phones – the pace that we accumulate video has been accelerating for as long as we can remember.
But the more video we capture, the harder it is to find the best trees through the forest...Harder still is the ability to transform that footage into results.

It was clear what had to be done. We put our heads together, and our axes to work.
Creating content, scouring footage, editing, titling, and scoring are all time consuming and expensive. We knew there had to be a way to cut through the madness.
That’s why our unique approach combines creative expertise, cutting-edge AI technologies, and performance marketing results to craft truly compelling content.

Meet our axe wielders


Strategy & Creative Expert


Creative Genius


Performance Marketing Expert


Technology & Creative Expert


Canine Expert
We believe in creating content that actually converts

"Working with ChopShop was really cool. They are super-easy to work with, nailed all our feedback and change requests on the first try. We’ll definitely be using them again for all kinds of production work." — Alex Adrian, Creative Director, Burton Snowboards

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