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We have clients of our own, so we know what they need when it comes to video - such as 4x results and 48 hour turnarounds.

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Results for your clients = results for you

We create conversions for your clients. Compelling ad content just happens to be how we get there.

Increase client stickiness

When you can deliver results that earn more than they cost, your clients will stick around. That’s what we deliver.

Fast 2 day turnarounds

Agencies work at a rapid pace, and we keep up. Our typical partner gets their first content within 48 hours, and revisions within 24 more.

Pass on the $$$ savings

ChopShop grants you access to an entire team of professional content creators, for less $$$ than hiring a single employee at your agency.

Transform client files into gold

We excel at taking your client’s existing content and b-roll, then turning it into world-class advertisements and content.

Access world-class expertise

ChopShop has created winning content for industry-leading, globally-scaled, Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

The ChopShop Conversion Cycle™

We chop content into shop-worthy ads that generate results—but if it was that simple, everyone would do it, right?

The challenge lies in the process.



We meticulously comb through your existing assets or take stock footage, then chop it into shoppable content based on 30+ years of combined expertise and creativity.


Performance marketing isn’t a one-and-done discipline, as markets are nebulous phenomena. We create versions and variations to test our theories accordingly.


Thanks to a suite of number-crunching technologies at our disposal, we can see what’s working and what’s not in rapid fashion.


With data in hand, technology at the ready, and the experience of doing this thousands of times, we extract maximum performance for each variation before our next creation.

Our content creation services that convert

Rapid video editing

Got loads of footage but don't know what to do with it?

Give us the reins and a little direction, and we'll create a never-ending stream of converting content! We can even splice in some additional stock footage to create something fresh and new.

Bespoke video creation

Want the conversions but don’t have the content?

Our team of brand strategists, creative masterminds, studio crew, and asset wranglers will create net-new content for you using a mixture of stock footage, new footage, and more.

Versions and variations

We go the extra mile to ensure your content is converting. How?

By creating multiple versions and variations of each piece, which are then tested to identify the most impactful elements. Our data-driven approach ensures that your content not only captivates, but also drives results.

Long-form storytelling

Whether it's an engaging podcast, a webinar that needs a creative boost, or a full-blown documentary with multiple angles and immersive audio, our team of experts can produce web and broadcast-ready content that captivates your audience.

Widescreen to vertical conversions

Transform your widescreen footage into captivating vertical content.

We’ll ensure the switch is still engaging using pans, scans, zooms, crops, transitions, and screen-splits. We'll even add catchy captions, so it’s perfectly poised for the phone.

Motion graphics and text

Sometimes all a video needs is some added flair to make key messages pop.

That's where our dynamic and engaging motion graphics come in. From captivating text to animated visuals, we'll create powerful moving communication that grabs attention.

Image to video conversion

Have content, but it’s all static?

We'll turn your still images, infographics, and display ads into video-like content using dynamic motion effects, transitions, and graphics. Think of it like bringing your images to life.

Concept to completion production

Want us to handle everything?

Our in-house brand strategists, creative masterminds, Vancouver-based studio crew, and global network of videographers, photographers, and DP's have got your back. We'll handle it all, ensuring a seamless production process from start to finish.

New! Earned media strategies

In a world of paid advertisements, it can pay to lean into trusted, credible placements instead.

Our Earned Media Framework is your shortcut to strategize an organic approach, position your brand, create compelling content, manage distribution, and analyze performance for ongoing growth.

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Flexible pricing

We grow with you.

"Working with ChopShop was really cool. They are super-easy to work with, nailed all our feedback and change requests on the first try. We’ll definitely be using them again for all kinds of production work." — Alex Adrian, Creative Director

Let’s chop your content into shoppable ads

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