Flexible pricing

We grow with you.


From $4,999 USD / Month

Monthly Brand Partnerships

Integrate ChopShop with your team to build your channels and results with consistent, compelling content every month.

New videos every month
New variations every month
Unlimited revisions
24-48 hour turnaround
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From $6,500 USD / Month

Monthly Agency Partnerships

Bring on-demand, ROI-first content to your clients through a dedicated partnership with ChopShop, including access to your very own account manager.

Customizable per client needs
New videos every month
New variations every month
Unlimited revisions
24-48 hour turnaround
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From $2,500 USD / Project

A La Carte Projects

Have a one-off project that needs the ChopShop treatment? We can work with you to create a stack of edits, a single cut, or any other addition.

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We believe in creating content that actually converts. Still have questions? Get in touch with us, we're here to help.

How does your pricing work?

We don’t do day rates or charge by the hour – we’re all about efficiency and economies of scale.  

Pricing is based on how much content you are providing (or we are sourcing and / or creating), how many pieces you need created, and optimized to give you the best value possible.

We are happy to work with you on a project-to-project basis. Most clients opt for our subscription offering that gives them a more favorable rate. In most cases, we’ll start with an estimate based on a real project you need completed.  If the pricing sounds good to you, we’ll get started.  In the end, if you love it, but don’t see the need for more work, you pay the project price.  

If you really love it, and want more on an ongoing basis, we can consider it the beginning of your subscription.  If for whatever reason you don’t love it, you don’t have to pay, but that’s never happened.  It’s as simple as that – the ChopShop satisfaction guarantee.

Our average client spends anywhere from $1K - $10K per project, or $3K - $15K per month for ongoing services.

What is your process?

It’s pretty simple – give us a brief brief, the relevant  content, as much direction as you please (unless you want to leave it up to us), and watch us go to work.

Project engagements include 3 rounds of creative in total (2 rounds of revisions) revisions, with unlimited revisions for subscriptions clients.

Really though, our process is your process. We like to act as your in-house team that’s there when you need us. We are always happy to share a Slack channel, take action in Asana, work with you in Wrike, Zoom into your virtual space, or do it all with some good old fashioned Google docs and sheets.  

Don’t have a system in place? Feel free to use ours, which is based primarily in Frame.io for reviews, and Dropbox for deliveries.

How long does a typical project take?

For short form social + ads, you can expect to see a first cut in 48 hours from briefing, with revisions within 24 hours from feedback.

For longer form projects (videos longer than 5-10 minutes), we like to have 2 weeks to get you a first round.

Do you do production?

Yes – we have a studio team based in Vancouver, BC, and another in Portsmouth, NH, as well as videographers, content creators, DP’s, and anything else you need scattered about the world.

Do you do motion graphics?

You bet – we can take still images and turn them into videos, and add all sorts of text and effects to create a rich experience.

Do you do audio engineering?

Not really. We can help secure an audio engineer through our professional network.

Did you do Cody Townsend’s “the Fifty”

Yes. It was one of the most rewarding projects we’ve ever worked on. What a guy.

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